Metecno Bulgaria is a company of Metecno Group. With our modern production line located in Pleven (Bulgaria) we are able to cover the needs of the Bulgarian market and also the markets of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Greece, Cyprus, and many others. We are a rapidly growing organization focused on serving the building industry with our excellent product range and service. Metecno sandwich-panels are highly sophisticated building products, produced with profiled, zinced, and coated steel-sheets and combined with an insulation material: polyurethane or mineral wool. Our valuable building-products, depending on the insulation material and the insulation thickness, satisfy a variety of technical demands – thermal insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation – in a very economical and qualitative way.
METECNO Bulgaria AD has installed and implements a quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 for all its production activities. Moreover, the panels’ production complies with EN 14509:2006, and therefore, our panels bare the CE mark. With a wide range of different colors, cut-to-length in our factories and supplied “ready-to-install”, our modern building products take a good share in a highly economic, weather-independent and fast, modular building process.

METECNO GROUP – The inventor of sandwich panels

Metecno was founded in Italy in 1961 and is a world leader in the field of prefabricated composite sandwich panels. For over 50 years the Metecno-Group is the leader in its field and partner of the building industry. Our modern production­ facilities for high-quality insulated building materials are located all around the world in 14 countries. Our commercial teams are present in many other countries.

Over 20 million m2 of installed roof and wall per year, give exceptional reference of know-how and ideas for economic and environmental-friendly building solutions. The added value of Metecno brand consists in:

  • A big variety of products for different use in building-insulation
  • High quality products and services, based on technology, experience and process-control
  • Modern production-facilities in 14 countries, representative offices in many others
  • Continuous Research and Development in partnership with Institutes, Universities and Suppliers
  • Environmental-care in the whole process and focus on building insulation around the globe
  • The experience and mentality to service your needs.

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